Hi, im lance. Creator of raw element development, Indie game designer. I am taking on a massive project role playing game called Enceladus. I loved the classic style rpgs such as final fantasy but they have been dying out since the new millenia. I hope to spark the classic style with new age features for my love of rpgs and to share with my friends and family. My favorite game as a child was final fantasy III, but As new graphics and demand rise for advanced multiplayer rpgs, original Super nintendo classics disapear. I want to rekindle that flame with Enceladus. I have been learning and working on the mechanics and programming process off and on for over 2 years. Now i am finally ready to share my progress and plot of my game with the world. I am only in the beginning stages and am still in beta testing subject to change but i want to share as i get closer and closer to seeing this game come to life. I will post screen shots as the game unfolds, character bios and feature details. This is all for fun and i have a long way to go before coming close to a demo. Welcome to the behind the scenes creation of a raw element development indie role playing adventure. This is Enceladus.


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